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The Music was unfitting and the text was going to fast to be able to be read maybe with some improvements it could be good

DCHorror responds:

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realize the text was too fast.

Could've done with some background music but not terrible, not exciting either.

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This is aweful, there are 4 options three lead to the same crappy overlapping gif, and the other leads to a 3 word sentence. No effort put into it at all

PsychoKillerHare responds:

no thats not whats supposed to happen yours is loading wrong or something

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I love the new points system, the new classes and the new moves!! thought you said you couldent do it ! :L also for people asking for more check out this guys other games the last simple quest had tons of stuff to do!

Really Like this Game but i have found a number of bugs or things that need changing

- the pause menu needs to be everywhere
- when you kill a monster it should show you a screen with the xp and gold you got for killing the monster and the gold should be randomly decided
- a loot system would be good like in the inventory screen it shows the stuff and you can sell loot to the trader loot would be stuff like trinkets jewelry wepons armour and all that
- starter level friendly-ness > at level 1 it should take 5xp to level up then for the next level 20xp and then so on, so that its nice and easy to get into the game quicker
- sword clash sound effects would be awesome in battles
- You should have stats that you get to upgrade when you level up, like magica, swords effeicientcy, dagger efficiency, armour mastery, dodge, health and so on
- have weapons like axe's swords, daggers and polerarms, each has its own stats so a character can be skilled in swordsman ship but no in polerarms for example
- More achievements
- When you beat the cave boss you are teleported back to the mountain town
- when you fight the desert monster you are teleported back to the mountain town
- there should be more towns
- you should be able to talk to npcs aswell
- quests that dont require combat such as simple quests where you must deliver a gold ring to another Npc in a nearby town
- lots more stuff to buy
- Once certian quests are completed they cannot be done again
- a quest log to see what quests you have completed and what quests you are currently on
- choose your race at the start of the game
- choose a class at the start of the game
- be able to switch weapons and have more than one weapon in your inventory

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TheeCoffee responds:

I can't add to much Variables to the Game. it will overload the Game. Sorry :( i am already using
MILLIONS of variables as you know... :( but the loot System May work :) And Sound take to much Space to the Game :( but I am currently making quests that cannot be done again xD so Just be Patient and i will have a BIG Release soon :)

Liked the game it could have done with some polish though the physics were buggy in places and the art was a bit rough

pros -
many guns
lots of pickups
good physics engine

cons -
art style is a bit rough
enimys auto lock onto you

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not bad

yeh not bad


this beats alot of songs on dubstep albums ive bought

Breed responds:

Oh yummy. Music should be free! As a lot of things should =) Thanks for your review though boss,


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